Making Dreams Come True!

Supporting Japan’s manufacturing industry with continuous
innovation and formidable technological capabilities

Our technologies travel through space at a speed of 7.6 km per second.

Our technologies play a part in everybody's daily lives.

Making Dreams
Come True!

An All-round Player in Cutting Work
For our customers' satisfaction and peace of mind

OHKAWA Corporation's capabilities

We work under a uniform management system.

CAD/CAM program

Support manufacturing with 3D-CAD/CAM systems.

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Ohkawa's craftsmen precisely cut all kinds of materials.

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Outstanding turning technology based on accumulated knowledge and experience.

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Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Achieve high-precision surface processing of all metals.

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Finishing and assembly technology proven in various fields.

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Precision Cleaning

Parts that should not be contaminated with impurities are ultrasonically cleaned with ultra-pure water in a clean room, degassed and double-packaged before shipping.

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Inspection and Measurement

Advanced measuring instruments such as coordinate measuring machines further improve product reliability.

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List of Equipment/Materials

A list of all equipment and materials handled is explained.

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  • Corporate information PR video

  • Red cow figure Akabeko making video

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