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Fukushima Plant

A factory in which reliable product manufacturing is conducted under conditions of thorough quality control and production management

Ohkawa Corporation’s Fukushima Plant (Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture) is engaged in the manufacture of frontline technological products every day. The plant is equipped with all the requisite machinery and facilities to meet any customer need, from high-precision, high-speed micromachining to large-scale machining using a gantry type machining center. The plant is certified to JIS Q 9100, the quality management system standard for the aerospace industry, and it also houses a Class 10,000 cleanroom/clean booth, enabling it to respond to requirements for precision cleaning and precision assembly.


April 23, 2004
Fukushima Plant acquires ISO14001 certification.

Kaminagura Plant

At our Kaminagura Plant, we realize 24-hour unmanned operation based on detailed production plans by fully utilizing automated systems and multi-pallet systems, mass-producing products that range from large to small.
The factory responds to customers’ needs based on thorough quality control and production management.

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