A Message from the President

Supporting Japan’s manufacturing industry with continuous innovation and formidable technological capabilities

Since its establishment in 1951, Ohkawa Corporation has pursued ongoing technological innovation as a manufacturer of precision equipment components, mounting challenges passionately with the aim of becoming “Japan’s No. 1 local manufacturing works.” In the course of its growth into an experienced, highly knowledgeable technology group, the Company has contributed to advances in a varied range of information and telecommunications equipment as well as in production facilities for LCDs and semiconductors.

Today, as a leader in the metal-processing industry, we provide technical services and components for state-of-the-art mobile wireless communications equipment, telecommunications equipment for deployment in satellites, equipment for aircraft and related facilities, medical equipment, and LCD and semiconductor production facilities.

As the times change and new value is created, we remain true to our mission of consistently providing the products and quality our customers truly need in the finest possible form. To this end, we engage in a wide range of business fields and quality assurance and production control activities, while fostering human resources to leverage our technological proficiency. We maintain our commitment to supporting Japan’s manufacturing industry with continuous innovation and robust technological capabilities, and to employing our expertise in metal processing to disseminate a wide range of technologies and expertise in Japan and the rest of the world.

You can count on Ohkawa Corporation to continue its development of advanced technologies to meet future needs.

Hiroyuki Nakayama
President and CEO
Ohkawa Corporation