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Our Strengths

Intent on becoming Japan’s finest local manufacturer,  we have honed our skills in all-purpose machining  to reassure and satisfy our customers.
(Craftmanship + Human Resources) x Plant & Equipment


A technical group with a wealth of knowledge and experience

  • Highly skilled craftsmanship
  • Ability to meet customers’ needs

Ohkawa Corporation’s craftsmen have accumulated a deep fund of experience and knowledge. By responding to any request with spirit and a passion for “making the impossible possible,” we are truly “making dreams come true.”

Business Fields

Operating in a wide range of industries

  • From micromachining to large-scale machining
  • From single lots to large lots
  • From aluminum to machining-resistant materials
  • From communications equipment to aerospace components

From communications equipment to parts and components for the aerospace industry, Ohkawa Corporation manufactures over 10,000 products for customers across a diverse range of fields. In fact, we manufacture as many products as there are needs. We are constantly engaged in creating new state-of-the-art technologies for the future.

Details below

Available metal

  • Aluminum, Copper & Copper alloy, Stainless steel, Titanium
  • Magnesium, Kovar, Molybdenum
  • Machining-resistant matrials, such as Tungsten
  • Heat resistant alloy, such as Inconel®

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Quality Control

Providing robust quality assurance

  • Highly secure quality assurance systems
  • Thoroughgoing production management

Quality is the very essence of Ohkawa Corporation. We conduct thorough quality assurance and production management in our efforts to realize “zero-defect” products.

Quality • Cost • Delivery • Service

High quality, Low cost, Quick delivery, Excellent service

  • Automated systems & 24-hour operation
  • Consistent service provision

By conducting full, round-the-clock operation of all our various facilities, we are able to meet wide-ranging customer requirements, from high-mix, low-volume products to large-lot products, speedily and at low cost.